Thijs Broenink.

I’m a student Computer Science at the Radboud University in Nijmegen (the Netherlands) since 2013. After my first year, a choice was given between the eHealth track, Robotica, and Cyber Security track. I chose the latter and decided to deepen my knowledge in Security: I am interested in online security since I was young. Besides this, as part of my minor choice, I followed two courses from the Nijmegen’s Law faculty. Together with the Security side, I found these two skills to be combined perfectly.

As with every Computer Science person, I continued working on side projects to expand my knowledge beyond what was taught. I have been running Arch Linux since 2014 as my primary operating system. I have developed dozens of websites for individuals to take a deeper dive into web development. Some of them are http://baselineproducten.nl, http://mpr-events.nl, http://florisbouwmans.nl if still active. Next to this, I’m also an active downloader as long as it’s legal and I am very closely involved in the downloading scene.

Here are my social media links, so you can follow and contact me in any way. Make sure you follow me on Twitter as well (if I’m still tweeting things by now).

Or send me some money! My Bitcoin address: 1LFLme9n6gGueRTSPqi4nQtsUV6JgbASAQ

If you want to take use my services, please write me an email.